Thursday, November 21, 2019

Transformational Leaders Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Transformational Leaders - Assignment Example They act as role models, thereby demonstrating integrity in their working relationships. Moreover, they challenge themselves and their colleagues to higher levels of morality and motivation. They set clear goals, have high expectations in addition to encouraging and supporting their teammates. Not only do they stir the emotions of their co-players, they also get them to look beyond their self-interest and inspire them to reach the improbable (Bass & Riggio, 2006). Nelson Mandela did all the above for South Africa. He gave his people hope during a very difficult period and brought about democracy after years of apartheid. Transformational leaders make decisions bearing their teammates in mind. They do not enter leadership positions to meet their own selfish agendas. Decisions made by such leaders are aimed at improving the situation at hand and coming up with solutions for current challenges. Nelson Mandela humbled himself and went to visit Widow Betsie Vorwoer in a bid to bring healing to South Africa despite staying in jail for 27 years. In addition, culture plays a role in transformational leaders. Take Mandela for instance the culture of apartheid in his country motivated him to fight against it. The present circumstance pushes such leaders to bring about change in the society that they live in. Leaders such as Socrates, Abraham, and Gandhi were all motivated by the ways of the society they lived in. I believe that I am a transformational leader. I came to this realization after leading the Red Cross team in raising money to visit a children’s home and donate food and necessities to the less fortunate in the society. I was able to mobilize my team members in addition to motivating them to do their best when we were in the field. I set certain goals some of which we were able to meet and the rest are in progress. I did not give up despite the challenges we faced. Our actions brought about change to those children and we plan to visit them

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