Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Educational attainment Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Educational attainment - Article Example Current paper focuses on the effects of identity - as related with race, gender and social class - on the educational attainment; there is limitation in terms of geographic region or age of people involved - learners of all ages can suffer discrimination because of their race, gender and social class; this discrimination can affect their attainment in school or other educational institute; the specific problem can occur in both the developing and the developed countries as the findings of the studies developed below prove. Identity can refer not only to the personal data, i.e. name and address; it is more related with the person's social and educational background. It can also refer to other issues, like gender, race and financial status. In education, specific parts of identity, especially social class, race and gender are likely to influence educational attainment under the terms explained below. Theorists and researchers around the world have tried to identify the potential effects of social class, gender and race on educational attainment. In accordance with a research made across England it was proved that 'inequality was the highest where the proportions attaining a particular threshold were the highest-upper secondary school or higher in Scotland; country differences in educational policy have not yielded different changes over time in the association between origin and educational attainment' (Paterson et al., 2007, 330). In accordance with the above study, inequalities in education have to be expected - they are unavoidable; however, the standards/ patterns set within a specific educational environment are likely to influence the behaviour of learners towards their classmates. In other words, the issue of inequality appears in environments where the necessary requirements for such phenomena exist. The specific conditions are normally expected to affect the performance of learners that suffer the discriminative behaviour of their classmates because of their racial or social background or their gender. The specific issue is highlighted in other studies that have been developed on the particular problem. The effects of education on the life of individuals can be critical. In accordance with Huurre et al. (2006, 41) 'background Education fundamentally shapes an individual's life chances and social status; duration and level of education are associated with people's incomes, socio-economic status, living standard, lifestyle and the respect and esteem they enjoy'. Through the examination of the practical implications of the above assumption, it was revealed that 'low school achievement and manual class of origin were the strongest predictors of low educational level in adulthood' (Huurre et al., 2006, 41). In other words, low performance in school/ university can adversely affect an individual's l

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