Monday, November 18, 2019

Escaping Embarrassment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Escaping Embarrassment - Essay Example example of free style rappers who dread any instance of stopping abruptly in their rapping, and have devised techniques through which they can prevent â€Å"falling off,† mostly by sharing a platform and taking turns to rap, which helps in saving face, and brings out a stronger personality in street music. This implies fluent communication directly affects the image of an individual to the audience. Sawyer (1) noted that casual conversation portray creativity as it is directionless and is not scripted. With scripting, one has to remember each detail of the work to be communicated to ensure free flow of such information, however in causal communication the speaker is at liberty to include anything they feel comfortable and fluent in to ensure free flow of information to the audience. This contributes to creativity as individuals think out of the box to include materials that would keep the audience entertained, and portray eloquence in communicating. Moreover, such communication is naturally collaborative, meaning that it is uniquely creative as an individual discovers unexpected and valuable ideas from the audience, and from creative thinking, which make the audience entertained (Sawyer, 71). Eloquence and creativity in communication bring about an image of a strong communicator. Goffman (3) asserts that expressions involve two distinct sign activities. The most important expression involves a range of actions that are symbolic, and which define the actor. These symbolic actions are what define the eloquence of the communicator and include the body language, confidence, and public addressing skills. The nonverbal, unintentional type of communication whether deliberately engineered or unintentional defines the image of the individual as an eloquent and experienced communicator (Goffman, 4), which amounts to define the image of the individual. As Lee (307) asserts, people will derive numerous techniques to save face. However, if an individual is at risk of

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