Thursday, February 13, 2020

Key drivers affecting health care organizations and the U.S. health Essay

Key drivers affecting health care organizations and the U.S. health care delivery system - Essay Example This paper will briefly discuss these issues, and find out how these reforms may positively affect key players in the healthcare system. One of the main drivers affecting healthcare organizations is cost. The cost of care in most healthcare organizations in the United States is considered to be the key driver affecting the manner in which most organizations operate. At the moment, countless people are not able to acquire quality medical attention due to its high cost (Garber & AHA, 2006). It is true that the cost of healthcare provision is going higher and not many people are capable of acquiring the effective and quality healthcare they desire. The second driver is the increase in need for healthcare employees. There is no question about the recent spell of reducing healthcare workers in the United States, which presents a tremendous challenge to the healthcare sector. Current and future implications of these drivers lie in the fact that patients may not get what they truly desire from the healthcare organizations or healthcare delivery systems. It is next to impossible to fully provide for a changing environment when negative progress riddles a system that is meant to cater to a large population. Furthermore, a reduction in healthcare workers means that a shortage looms in the horizon, which implies that countless other patients may receive the short end of the stick when it comes to efficient healthcare provision (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2011). One change that countless people would want enacted is the recruitment of more healthcare workers in the region. Also, a reduction in the cost of healthcare services may be a reform that most people would want to see enacted. These changes are crucial to the patient because, in the long run, they would be able to pay for the services they urgently need. Furthermore, they will not necessarily have

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