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Demand, Utility and Marginality - 1611 Words

Trident University Alexander M Wayt Demand: Utility and marginality ECO201 - Microeconomics Dr. Radu Munteanu 15 June 13 Introduction When running a business, calculating margins is an essential component. Margins not only can help us figure out what our total revenue will be, they also help us decide if we need to expand as a business, stay where we are, or try to downsize. Of course other factors can be put into this as well; did prices of the goods and services we provide go up? Does this mean we should hire more people? When is a good time to hire more people? These are all things I’ve learned from this module’s reading material. Demand for Labor Increased From a company’s perspective, there are factors that†¦show more content†¦Because of this change in demand, a company will need more people to be involved in catching, breeding, and slaughtering the turkeys in order to satisfy the increased demand. The demand curve for labor will shift to the right. As for the marginal product, because the price will go up and the demand will go up, marginal product revenue should increase. This is assuming that there are enough capital goods to go around. Capital goods are the tools, manuals, and objects that the employees use to accomplish their job. Once the amounts of space for resources get scarce, the marginal product revenue will start to diminish. Total production should increase because of the increased amount of employees. Lastly, let’s take a look at wages when it comes to an increase in market price for a particular product. When a firm owner notices that the market price for their product (s) has increased, wages should also increase. This is because wages are determined by supply and demand. If the market price of a particular good or service increases, it is likely that the wages from the labor involved in producing those goods or services will also increase. Numerical Problems Something to look at while considering hiring more employees is the difference it will make. One of the keys to telling us this is called marginal product. More employees should mean more work being done,Show MoreRelatedExamples of Macro and Micro Economics840 Words   |  4 Pageshighlight its importance in everyday life, some of them are: a) The concept of utility is a base concept of microeconomics. The way we consume items, products or eatables in our daily live is all related to utility. For instance when we consume junk food it gives utility to us, when we listen to music on our iPods it provides utility to us or even when we read from a book we are getting utility out of that book. Utility basically satisfies our wants. In the examples above our want for hunger, entertainmentRead MoreInfluence of Culture on Parenting Practices and Child Development1141 Words   |  5 Pagesis extremely hot, such as in the summer months, children demonstrate more aggressive behaviors (Anderson, 1989). â€Å"Sweltering temperatures put physical and psychological demands on the body, which increases irritability and aggression† (Archer, 2012). A home environment without heat, on cold nights, because of the high cost of utility bills affects a childs restful sleep and influences the ability to stay awake in school. Furthermore, a crowded home environment, such as a large family in a smallRead MoreAccenture : Strategic Decision Making1648 Words   |  7 Pagesanalytics, senior management commitment and large scale ambition are as follows: Architecting for resiliency(distinctive capability): Executing process on a resilient digital platform that’s secure, available on demand and easy to set up and use. Providers must support wide-ranging demands for non-stop processes, services and systems. Incorporating analytics and mobility to deliver real-time, digital insights (Management of analytics): Offering anytime, anywhere digital insights driven by analyticsRead MoreKeynesian Economics : The New Deal2733 Words   |  11 Pageslocal and global economy. Large cities emerged from vibrant business activity and flow of products and services. For the most part people let the natural laws govern the economic activity. Farmers would plow their fields and sell to whoever was in demand of their products. From the agricultural industry to the sugar and spice trade industry to local production, most economic activity went on without any serious analysis. Most of the world operated under mercantilism; where the dominant principle wasRead MoreSocio-Economic Factors Influencing6764 Words   |  28 Pagesthird opinion is the combination of first two. Rostoe notes the need for both flexibility and the denial of social mobility. Brozen similarly emphasizes that a system should neither be t oo rigid nor too flexible. Marginality A group of scholars hold a strong view that social marginality also promotes entrepreneurship. They believe that individuals or groups on the perimeter of a given social system or between two social systems provide the people to assume the entrepreneurial role. They may be drawnRead MoreEssay on Theory and Practice in Post-Colonial Literatures4270 Words   |  18 Pages17) It can be argued that the study of English and the growth of Empire proceeded from a single ideological climate and that the development of the one is intrinsically bound up with the development of the other, both at the level of simple utility (as propaganda for instance) and at the unconscious level, where it leads to the naturalizing of constructed values (e.g. civilization, humanity, etc.) which, conversely, established ?savagery?, ?native?, ?primitive?, as their antitheses and as theRead MoreSocio-Economic and Demographic Features of Kidnapping in Nigeria: an Analytical Study5842 Words   |  24 Pageskidnapping are many but we will only discuss the following aggravated, child and parental kidnapping. Aggravated kidnapping This is a form of kidnapping involving harsh and crude manner of stealing a human being. In Aggravated Kidnapping, the kidnappers demand for ransom or injure the victim. It involves offence of unlawfully seizure of a person and confining the person, usually in a secret place while attempting to extort ransom. Those involved in this kind of kidnapping are able bodied young men, armedRead MoreTestbook Answers112756 Words   |  452 Pagesand 0.7 that it will be good. These state probabilities are independent over time. That is, the state probabilities for a given year are not affected by the actual weather in previous years. Relevant Ltd. produces a single product for which the demand will fall to zero at the end of 2 years. It produces this product using specialized machinery, which will have no value at the end of 2 years. The machinery was purchased on 1 January, 2005. It was financed in part by means of a bank loan of $2Read MoreImplication of Oil and Gas Investment in Ghana15418 Words   |  62 Pagesin the oil sector more uncertain. 4. Costs and inflation: The level of investment and operating costs are other factors representing uncertainty in investing in oil and gas. High oil price levels results in high activity in the industry. High demand for skilled labour and petroleum related services drives up the cost level in the industry. The level of costs influences the profitability of projects. 5. Technology: As time goes by, exploration will discover extractable petroleum reserves inRead MoreEntrepreneurship Process and Principles15897 Words   |  64 PagesDevelopment Broadly, entrepreneurship development consists of these following phases:- 1) Initial phase: - In these phase covered by creation of awareness about the entrepreneurial opportunities basing on survey. For instance here entrepreneur forecast demand and seeking opportunity. 2) Development phase: - Implementation of training programs to develop motivation and management skills. Suppose –for a poultry or diary firm establishing needs training to those persons who will be an entrepreneur through

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